Submarket will not be installed in Maldevata of Dehradun, ban on local protest


At present, there will not be a sub-market of fruits and vegetables in the Maldevata area of ​​Dehradun. Mandi President Rajesh Sharma has banned it in view of the protest from the local people. He said that after the Corona crisis is over, there should be a Sub-Market in Maldevata.

On Monday morning, locals in the Maldevata area protested against the establishment of the mandi. They said that planting the market here during the Corona crisis would increase the risk of infection. A large number of Adhatis, their workers, and laborers have turned out to be Corona positive. There may be many other people who have not been investigated and they are engaged in the fruit-vegetable business.

These can cause infection throughout the region. On this, Mandi President Rajesh Sharma instructed the officials not to place the mandi there at present.

Action will be taken against profiteers

Market President Rajesh Sharma has instructed market officials and employees to inspect all the mandis in the city. He said that all officers and employees go to the shops as customers and find out the prices. Take action against profiteers and hoarders by pretending to be short of vegetables.

Vegetables are sufficient in the market, there is shortage of fruits

The effect of the closure of the Niranjanpur market and the ban on fruits and vegetables of the outer states has started appearing on the market. There is also a shortage of many fruits in the market. However, the supply of vegetables is being done locally, so there is no problem with vegetables in the retail market.

Local farmers are supplying gourd, bitter gourd, lady finger, capsicum, pumpkin, zucchini, brinjal, peas to the retail market of the capital. Farmers are bringing vegetables from areas adjoining Raipur, Maldevata and Uttarkashi. Apart from this, vegetables were also ordered from Vikasnagar and Himachal Mandi on Monday. Vegetables are being brought from Roorkee, Bhagwanpur, and Rishikesh Mandi.

However, the supply of fruits has been affected. Most of the fruits are coming from outside states, so their supply is stopped at the moment. Fruits like Papaya from Burhanpur (MP), Mango from Andhra, Saharanpur, Peach from Bijnor, Chiku, Watermelon, Melon are also not coming. Currently, bananas and apples are being brought from the cold store. He informed that before the closure of the market, a mango truck had left for Doon, which has arrived.

Cheap vegetables sold from 45 vehicles

On Monday, the Mandi administration sent a total of 45 vehicles to provide cheap vegetables to the people. A total of 610 quintals of fresh vegetables and fruits were sold through this. Market Secretary Vijay Thapliyal informed that demand for the train is coming from many other areas as well. Gradually the number of trains will be increased.


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