Students from remote areas will get vehicle allowance in Uttarakhand, preparations begin

The government is preparing to give a vehicle allowance to school students studying in remote areas. In this regard, the Chief Secretary of Education has issued instructions to the Education Department. The Directorate of Education has directed the department to all the CEOs and DEOs of the state to identify the schools of such remote areas and collect the student numbers.

In September, a meeting chaired by the Secretary of Education discussed the proposal to provide vehicle allowance to students going a long distance from their home to study. Now work has started on this. The directorate has also called for the number of schools and students studying in the state who do not meet the standard of up-gradation on the basis of government secondary school Punagaon. Where students have to go to school several km away. Under this, Deputy Director Secondary Education GS Saun has issued a letter to the CEOs across the state, ordering the government to prepare the data for the vehicle allowance of students as soon as possible, by preparing the data of schools not meeting the standard of up-gradation.

The situation is not clear yet on allowances

At the behest of the government, it is not clear how much conveyance allowance will be given to the students. Also, the amount of money the students will get at the rate of one kilometer. At the same time, as far as the road goes, the matter of providing vehicle facilities is also coming out.

These schools are the base

Vehicle allowance has been suggested on the basis of Government Primary School Bishauna of Garsain Chamoli, Government Primary School Sugad and Government Higher Secondary School Punagaon. The students of Bishauna and Sugad travel to the distance of six and five kilometers respectively to pursue secondary education. At the same time, students of Punagaon Secondary have to go 12 kilometers to study inter.

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