Students afraid of Board calls can get help directly from CBSE


Countdown to board examinations has started. In such a situation, tension has started to dominate students. Parents too cannot understand how to motivate children. To solve these problems, the CBSE is going to start the helpline from February 1.

Students can get the call directly to the CBSE for any difficulty in preparing for the exam. Board counsellors will answer your questions. Dr Sona Kaushal Gupta, Neuro Psychologist, has been appointed as a counsellor by the CBSE in Uttarakhand. Dr Sona Kaushal told that at the time of the examination, children become victims of stress. He reads hard but forgets again.

They said that there are many children who are not able to understand what the pattern of preparation is. Apart from this, there are questions in the children’s mind about how to manage time, how to revive it. Many parents are worried about the fact that their children spend more time in the game, less in studies. In such a situation, the pressure of board exams is not only on children but also on parents. She told that students or parents can call directly to overcome any such problem. The call time is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This is helpline number – 1800118004


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