Student of Banaras University caught with ‘charas’ in Dehradun


Premnagar police have accused the student of MTech in Banaras University for selling drugs. The police claim that he used to bring drugs from areas near Himachal Pradesh and sell it to people here. Apart from this, the police have caught a mobile seller selling marijuana as well.

Premnagar police arrested Abhishek Rawat, a resident of Bhatwadi, Uttarkashi, with 224 grams of marijuana during checking. SO Narendra Gehlawat said that Abhishek is a student of MTech at Banaras University.

He sells intoxicants in Vikas Nagar and Prem Nagar at times. Abhishek himself is addicted to drunkenness for a long time. Apart from this, Naveen, a resident of the Manduwala Road, Muslim Colony, has been arrested with 111 grams of intoxicant in Vikas Nagar. Naveen, in Selaqui, has a mobile shop. Read more posts..


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