Strictness on doctors: Now MCI will take strict action on writing external medicine


A complaint will be made with MCI, Chief Medical Superintendent gave strict guidelines

MCI can take action against government doctors if they prescribe expensive medicines to patients instead of medicines available in the hospital and Jan Aushadhi Kendra. Chief Medical Superintendent of District Hospital, Dr. BC Ramola has issued an order to complain to MCI for action on such doctors.

In fact, many government hospitals, including district hospitals, often complain that doctors prescribe expensive medicines to patients instead of medicines available in the hospital. Many doctors do this due to the nexus with the pharmaceutical companies. This causes trouble, especially for poor patients. Recently, the District Magistrate C. Ravi Shankar took a meeting of the Chief Medical Officer of the District, Chief Medical Superintendent of the District Hospital and the Medical Officers of other hospitals.

In the meeting, many doctors expressed strong resentment over the patients writing expensive medicines instead of cheap medicines. After this, CMO Dr. Meenakshi Joshi, CMS Dr. BC Ramola of District Hospital, Dr. KK Tamta, Medical Superintendent of Doon Hospital and other medical officers also instructed the medical officers under them to prescribe medicines available in the hospital. Despite this, all the doctors are still not following orders.

Dr. Ramola, the Coronation and CMS of Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital, under the District Hospital, has given strict guidelines to the doctors. The CMS has also released the list of medicines available in both the hospitals and their Jan Aushadhi Kendra along with the order. He has said that the doctors who prescribe such medicines from the medicines available in the hospital and Jan Aushadhi Kendra will have complained to the Medical Council of India (MCI). The doctors were also reminded that they are registered in the MCI. In such a situation, MCI will also take action against the guilty doctors.


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