Strict vigilance on the non-payers of map

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After the passage of the map, the MDDA has now decided to take strict vigilance on people who do not deposit their fees. MDDA has issued notices to 162 people by preparing a list of non-payers of map. Among them, the map filing architect is also included.

According to MDDA Vice President Dr. Ashish Srivastava, presently, people who pass the map are running well with two crores 39 lakh 68 thousand 355 rupees. Of these, a large number of funds are being outstood for a long time. Maps are submitted online by the login of the architects. The architect’s responsibility is from the issuance of the map to maintaining it. The architects also continue to strive at different levels regarding this. However, when the matter is on the people who do not deposit the fees, then they avoid the fact. In such a situation the responsibility of the architect has also been decided. When he takes the responsibility to issue the map of the people, he will also have to be accountable for depositing the fees. People who do not pay the fee, their map will be canceled soon.

The MDDA vice-president informed that the next action on those who will be suspended on non-submission of the map fee will be done under compounding. Assuming that such construction is illegal, the compounding fee will also be deposited with the fee. Otherwise, construction can also be sealed.


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