Uttarakhand, Stay order extended for three weeks

The single bench of Justice of Uttarakhand High Court, Lok Pal Singh extended the stay order on the B. warrant against television news channel chief executive officer Umesh Sharma on Tuesday. The case is set for hearing next after three weeks. The Investigation Officer also apologized to the Court during the hearing.

Dehradun resident Vinay Malik, November 2, filed an FIR against Sharma, Ashish Aaron, Vikram and Jitendra alleging that they were trying to take possession of his plot of land. Sharma, on the other hand, claimed that the said plot belongs to Aaron and court has inclined in his favor in 1999. The IO had secured a B warrant against Sharma from a court in Dehradun, while Aaron had earlier secured a stay from the high court. Sharma had already secured a stay on it first on November 27, challenging the warrant in the high court.

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