SSP to act on NH at the cut of Jogiwala Chowk

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) summoned SP Traffic and CO Traffic on the problem and problems arising out of closing the only open cut near Jogiwala Chowk. SSP Arun Mohan Joshi asked for information about closing the cut and after opening the second cut a few meters away, the two police officers expressed ignorance. It was also revealed that even the police of Jogiwala outpost did not know about it.

In such a situation, the SSP has now decided to take legal action against the responsible officials of the National Highway section Doiwala. Because the Highway Engineer OP Singh had informed that this cut has been closed on the instructions of the police. The SSP said that the police were neither informed about the closure of the cut, nor the reason why the second cut was opened at a different place.

He said that he is trying to repair Doon’s traffic system at his level and without taking the police into confidence, the action of closing and opening the cut arbitrarily is troubling the public. This may affect further police action.

The SSP also said that he himself would visit the Jogiwala area and assess the condition of the cut. Apart from this, he will also test to divide Jogiwala Chowk into two parts. It is the effort of the police that any use being done for the traffic system does not cause unnecessary trouble to the public and that experiment should be helpful to more and more people.

New place open-cut jam

A new problem has arisen due to the opening of the cut in front of Govad Hospital instead of the closed cut near Vivekananda Village near Jogiwala Chowk. Because this cut is less wide than the previous cut. Due to this, a situation of jam is being created on the highway using it. This cut does not directly connect the path of any colony, so people are also forced to walk here on the color side.

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