Sridev Suman University examination pattern changed, now this will be mandatory

From the new session, the examination pattern of Sridev Suman University will be changed. The candidate must now pass the written and practical examination essentially. The integers and scores of written and practical exams will be marked separately in the mark sheet. The University has taken this step to improve the quality of education.

Sridev Suman has decided its ordinance. The university has changed the pattern of evaluation of the examination of BA, BSc, BCom and BSc agricultural subjects at the graduation level. Now the written exam of all subjects will be 80 marks instead of 70 and 20 marks instead of 30 in the practical exam. University Vice-Chancellor Dr. S. R. Rawat says that changing the examination pattern, the candidate must pass both the practical and the written examination inevitably. Practical and written examination scores will not be combined together. With the introduction of a new pattern, students will also be interested in studying for the practical examination as well.

Vice-chancellor Dr. Rawat said that for the preparation of the new curriculum in accordance with the semester system for graduate classes, a committee of expert teachers has been constituted. The new pattern of examination will be implemented from the first year examination of the graduate in the new education session. The university has also decided that in five years, the candidate must graduate and pass the post-graduate examination in four years inevitably. Five years in graduation and over four years in the postgraduate gap year, the university has completely eliminated this system.

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