Social distancing followed sincerely somewhere, while ignored somewhere

A lock-down has been announced across the country to break the Coronavirus chain. A three-hour exemption has been given in the lock-down every day from 7 am to 10 pm. However, in these three hours, the guidelines of social distancing are being ignored in many places, which is important to pay attention to. However, there are some people who are also following social distancing by creating distance in line outside the shops.

Several methods are being adopted to prevent coronavirus infection. Janata curfew has been declared on March 22 and then a 21-day lockdown. So far during the lockdown period, every day from 7 am to 10 am, shops of essential commodities including milk, vegetables, and groceries, banks and ATMs are allowed to open so that people can buy essential goods from the market. However, people are not following social distancing in these three hours. The rush of people to buy goods in the morning is such that questions are being raised about the seriousness of the lockdown.

The big reason for this is that social distancing is not being followed in grocery and vegetable shops. People are clinging to each other without wearing masks. The elderly and children are also involved in this competition, which has been described as the most susceptible to infection. However, in some places in the city and surrounding area, people were seen following social distancing.

Outside a grocery store in the housing development, some conscious people had drawn circles with chalk and set a distance of one meter for the customers to stand. Similar arrangements were also made at some bank branches and medical stores. A large number of foreign tourists arrived at a grocery store in Tapovan on Wednesday morning to buy their everyday items. Despite being a large number of these foreigners, a long line was formed at a distance required without any stampede and everyone made purchases.

Deputy Collector Premlal says that this is definitely a matter of concern. In such a situation, the possibility of infection spreading cannot be ruled out. For this, police will be deployed at shops in the morning.

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