So this time IMA’s passing out parade will not be grand

IMA's passing out parade

The graph of the corona is constantly increasing. Because of which no common and special has remained untouched. The virus has also penetrated the impenetrable system of the armed forces here. In such a situation, many important activities of the army and paramilitary forces are at a halt. The Indian Military Academy (IMA) is also strengthened by the growing threat of Corona. Right from the beginning, vigilance is being done at many levels to prevent infection. As a precaution, all types of Outer Drill and Night Exercise for Gentleman Cadets training in the Academy were postponed in March.

Being a globally important military training academy, the VIP movement also remains on the day of the academy but is currently limited. Now the challenge has arisen in front of the academy management about the passing out parade to be held in June. A large number of young cadets from within the country and abroad are passed in the passing out parade. Not only the family members of the cadets but also many dignitaries from abroad are present in the parade. But in the present situation, people are being asked to strictly follow the rules of physical distance.

In such a situation, the academy management is also in a dilemma regarding the preparations of the POP. It is believed that the corona’s rising infection does not stop, so this time the format of the passing out parade held at the IMA may be limited to rituals, not grand.

According to the official sources of the academy, discussions are being held on POP. In this context, communication has been maintained continuously with the Ministry of Defense and Army Headquarters. It will be an effort to follow the advisory of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Health, Government of India in the POP. It is being told that the academy management will clarify its strategy in two days.

62,139 youth have become officers

Gentleman cadets of the country and abroad are trained in the Indian Military Academy. Since the inception of the academy, till now foreign armies have received 62 thousand 139 young officers. These include 2413 young officers from friendly countries. Presently, cadets from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Fiji, etc. are also receiving military training at the academy. After completing military training, these cadets passed and become an integral part of their country’s army.

For this, a passing out parade is organized in the academy every year in June and December. This tradition has been going on since the inception of the academy. The parade held in the academy has been given a grand appearance for the last one and a half decades as compared to earlier. That is why the eye of the country and the world remains on POP. At the same time, as the Inspecting Officer, the President / Head of State of India, or other friendly countries, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, or the Chief of the Armed Forces have been reaching the academy. But this time the corona infection may also have an established tradition of POP. Various options are being considered for the parade to be held in the coming June.


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