Snow on Kedarnath hills increased in low-lying areas, Badrinath highway closed due to debris

In Uttarakhand, there was continuous rain for the third consecutive day. Due to this, normal life has been disturbed. On Monday too, there was heavy snowfall on the high hills of Kedarnath. Also, helicopter service to the Dham came to a standstill since 8 am due to rain and fog in the lower areas. But the walking tour is going smoothly.

Due to rain, there was a lot of snowfall on the upper hills of Dugdh Ganga including Chorabari and Basukital above Kedarnath. There is an outbreak of cold waves in Dham. At the same time, the helicopter service operated for Kedarnath has been affected extensively due to rain in Dham and Kedarghati. The helicopter took 5-6 shuttles here in the morning. After this, helicopters could not fly due to heavy rains and fog.

Assistant Nodal Officer of Helicopter Service, Surendra Singh Panwar said that due to inclement weather, helicopter service has been severely affected for the last three days. Passengers have to wait for the weather to clear in the waiting rooms of Kedarnath, Guptkashi, Sershi and Fata Helipad.

Badrinath highway closed again in Lambagad
The Badrinath highway, which remained smooth for vehicles at Lambagad till 1 pm, has been closed again due to the falling of boulder and debris. Due to the intermittent rains here, debris and boulders from Lambagad rock are continuously falling on the highway. Due to this, the movement of vehicles is not possible.

Due to the closure of the highway, the police administration has stopped vehicles at Pandukeshwar, Joshimath, Govindghat and Badrinath Dham. On Monday, 300 pilgrims left for their destination from Badrinath Dham to Lambagad and after walking about a kilometer here. However, around 250 pilgrims reached Badrinath Dham on foot.

The highway was blocked at Lambagad at 2 pm after being open for only three hours on Sunday. On Monday morning, the highway from NH was cleared with the help of JCB. After this, about one thousand pilgrims who were stopped in the pilgrimage were sent by vehicles to Badrinath Dham.

Gangotri highway was blocked for two hours
In Uttarkashi, the cold has knocked in along with the rain that has been falling for the past two days and snowfall in the higher Himalayan regions. Due to continuous rains, tenants engaged in paddy harvesting are facing difficulties. On Monday, two contact motorways of Mori block including the Gangotri highway were also blocked for hours due to landslides at some places.

On Monday, the maximum temperature in the Dhams was recorded at 16 degrees Celsius. While in the district headquarters and other low-lying areas, the mercury fell to 23 degrees Celsius. This change in weather has increased the feeling of cold throughout the district. With which people have taken out warm clothes like blankets, sweaters, jackets, etc.

At the same time, due to continuous rains, there has been a danger of spoiling the finished crop of paddy. Due to which the problems of tenants have increased. On the other hand, due to rains on Monday morning, a landslide was once again active in the large taxing slide zone. Due to which the Gangotri highway was blocked for about two hours. However, there was some relief to people as the traffic diverted from Manera bypass by the administration.

Hill slipped again in Swanla, traffic stopped for four and a half hours
Due to the rain on Sunday night, the roads have been closed again in Kumaon. On the Tanakpur-Tawaghat National Highway, the hill receded near Swanla at around 6AM on Monday. This halted the movement of vehicles for about four and a half hours. The route could be opened at around 10 am. The passage was blocked due to debris near Swanla Temple at 9 in the morning, which could be opened after ten and a half hours of effort.

Apart from this, the route was closed due to debris in Barakot around 6 in the morning which could be opened after one hour. More than one hundred and fifty vehicles got stuck due to the closure of the route and hundreds of passengers suffered.

Cutting of the perennial road on the Tanakpur-Pithoragarh NH is in danger due to the road. Many parts have become extremely dangerous here. The building of the Nyaya Panchayat Resource Center (CRC) is also under threat due to the cutting of the road. In view of the danger, the goods of the Center have been shifted elsewhere by the Education Department.

According to information received from Pithoragarh, the BRO has restored the Tawaghat-Ghatiyabgarh road which has been closed since September 27 at 11 am on Monday. At the same time, the Sosa-Sirkha road, which has been closed since 29 September, remained closed on Monday. The Pauri-Ghatkuna road was closed at around 8.30 am due to debris. It is expected to open on October 1.

Meanwhile, five roads are still closed in the Bageshwar district. Two days of debris fell near the Radhakrishna temple on Girechina-Amarskot motorway. There is also debris on Thunai, Mihinia, Bhatoli motorway. The Kanda-Rikhadimotar road of Kanda Tehsil has collapsed near Kabhata. There is a huge amount of debris on three roads in Kapkot and two in Garuda too.

Here, life in Sarovar city is disturbed due to the continuous rain for three days. The rain is also impacting the tourism business. The rains and fog have also increased the cold. The lake’s water level was 8 feet 11 inches on Saturday, which increased to 9 feet two and a half inches on Monday. Rajat Pandey, in-charge of the lake control room, said that till Monday morning, the city area received 16.80 mm of rain.

Landslides around Mussoorie blocked many routes
The rain on Sunday night has disturbed the life of Mussoorie and its surroundings. Heavy rains have disrupted traffic at many places due to landslides on several routes around Mussoorie. Along with this, the traffic collapsed near Hussain Ganj for several hours.

The rains have blocked the routes in Mussoorie and the surrounding area. There is panic among people due to large landslides near Zero Point on Yamunotri Highway. However, SDARF, police and administration officials arrived on Monday on the information of the local people and started the traffic by removing debris through machines and laborers.

Meanwhile, landslides near Clip Cottage in Mussoorie city have damaged the electric pole and sewer line. Due to this, the local people are facing a lot of problems. However, there is some comfort from the relief work of the administration team.

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