Slogans of “Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao, but this school stopped the girl from attending exam after marriage

Due to the strange rule of a school in Gopeshwar in Chamoli district, a student was stopped from taking the exam. After an engagement or marriage, the student is not allowed to attend school.

Following this rule, after the marriage, the student of Inter College was stopped from entering the college and now the ban was also imposed on examining the presence of the attendant. On the complaint of the girl, the District Magistrate has directed the Chief Education Officer to investigate the matter immediately and take appropriate action.

Even if you are talking about the daughter’s education and saving daughters in the country, but the strange rule of college in Chamoli district forced the student to leave studies. Uttarakhand board examinations are going on in the state these days.

Manju Devi is the student of inter-school in the State Inter College Sitail
Manju Devi is a student of Inter School of Government Inter College, Patiala of Pairi village of Chamoli district. She has got married on December 13. She wanted to continue her studies even after marriage, but the Principal of the school refused to allow her to sit in the exam merely because she was married. Principal Digambar Singh Negi had said that the attendance at the school is less than 75 percent.

Not only this, but the Principal also said that it has been decided on behalf of the school’s teacher-guardian association that after the engagement and marriage, no student will be allowed to enter the school. Student Manju accused the Principal of not letting her sit in the examination has complained to the District Magistrate Swati S. Bhadauriya. The District Magistrate has directed the Chief Education Officer to immediately inquire into the matter and take appropriate action.

Crores of rupees spent on Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao campaign
On one hand, the government is spending crores of rupees on the Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao campaign. At the same time, the education department of the government is preventing a student from proceeding. Action should be taken against the concerned officers in this case.
– Darshan Singh, Member, District Panchayat and Ghat

The matter of not letting the students to sit in the examination has come to light. The clarification is sought from the school’s Principal. Action will be taken if a satisfactory answer is not received.
– LM Chamola, CEO, Chamoli

I am an Intermediate student in Rainka Sitail. My marriage took place on December 13, 2018. I want to continue my studies but after the marriage, the Principal refused to let me into the school. An application was given in the school for marriage, but in spite of this, the examination was not allowed to be taken. Read more posts…
– Manju Devi, Schoolgirl, Rainka Sitail, Chamoli

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