Six NCC cadets will be seen in Republic Day parade in Delhi

NCC cadets

Uttarakhand team is working hard on the parade ground in Delhi Cantt to commemorate their strong presence every year by NCC cadets at Rajpath. 6 cadets from NCC 78 Corps UK Haldwani have managed to make their way to this camp which includes the parade of Rajpath, the Prime Minister’s rally beside the Guard of Honor and the presentation of cultural events.

The NCC officer of Cynthia Senior Secondary School BB Joshi reached the campsite and met the entire team of 78 duct UK cadets including Uttarakhand Directorate and encouraged them and wished them all the best.

He said that so far 15 women cadets and 9 male cadets of the Senior Division have been finalized for the parade at Rajpath, including 4 cadets selected for the Prime Minister’s Rally and Guard of Honor. At the camp, 78 Corps UK cadets have performed well at cultural events. The responsibility of the preparation of the team of Uttarakhand Directorate has been given to 29 Corps Dehradun. This time the Army Band of Sainik School Ghorakhal has also become part of the team of the Directorate.

Major Pradeep Singh, an NCC officer, is giving proper guidance to the Vibha Singh Cadets at the camp. Lakhs of NCC cadets from all over the country, only about 100 cadets from every directorate get this opportunity, for which they travel from their school to Rajpath Delhi only after getting out of the stiff competition.

The school’s NCC Group Commander Third Officer Joshi said that the cadets of the Cynthia school have created a distinct identity in 78 Corps through their discipline. A total of 6 cadets selected from UK 78 Corps NCC Haldwani include Aishwarya Rautela, a cadet from Cynthia, Sandeep Koranga, Sumit Sharma, Nanak Singh, Priyanka Samant from MBPG College Haldwani and Darshan Arora from Maharishi School Haldwani.


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