Shiva statues of other states will reside in Kedardham Dham


Muktakashi Museum will be built in Baba Kedar’s abode after saving statues and objects of archaeological importance across the country. This work will be done in collaboration with the Union Ministry of Culture. Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh said that with this step devotees reaching Kedarpuri will be able to see the idols of Lord Shiva present in different states.

To take stock of the ongoing construction works in Kedarnath, Raghavendra Singh, Chief Executive Officer of the Development of Museum and Cultural Spaces of the Union Ministry of Culture, visited the Kedarnath Dham along with Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh. Action is underway to redesign the Kedarnath shrine damaged by the disaster in 2013. This work is being carried out with the help of the central government. In view of the reverence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Baba Kedarnath, both the Central and State Governments are taking it as a dream project. With the development of new Kedarpuri, there is also a preparation to add a new dimension to it. This dimension will be in the form of a museum in the city of Baba Kedar.

Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh said that during the visit to Kedarnath Dham, the Chief Executive Officer of Union Ministry of Culture, Raghavendra Singh suggested to make a museum of archaeological significance objects and statues of Lord Shiva for the pilgrims to visit there. The state government has also agreed to this suggestion.

He told that statues of Lord Shiva are stored in various museums of the country. An open-air museum of idols available in various states can be established at Kedarnath Dham. The Chief Secretary said that during the joint inspection, information was received about the reconstruction work going on in Kedarnath. He informed that the reconstruction works in Kedarnath Dham are going on at a rapid pace.


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