SGHS scheme prepared for personnel and pensioners in Uttarakhand; will get health benefits

State Government Health Scheme (

The State Health Authority has prepared an action plan to prepare the State Government Health Scheme (SGHS) card under the Atal Ayushman Yojana for government employees and pensioners. Now waiting for the guidelines of the Central Government to start work after the lockdown 3.0 ends on May 17. According to the new guidelines, work on the plan will be started.

The state government recently decided to implement the Atal Ayushman Scheme for government personnel and pensioners. 2.5 lakh government employees and pensioners of the state will get the benefit of the scheme. Under this scheme, the facility of unlimited cashless treatment will be available on admission by the government listed hospitals. OPD and IPD are also free in this.

However, the medicines written by OPD and doctors will have to be purchased by themselves first. It will be paid later, on the submission of the bill. The personnel and pensioners are divided into four categories for the scheme. These will be taken as a contribution every month according to the pay scale. The government has also constituted the State Health Authority to start this scheme. The authority has to decide when the plan is to be launched. The Authority has prepared a plan for this.

Authority chairman DK Kotia says that preparations for this have been completed. An action plan has also been chalked out to create new cards. A limited number of employees and pensioners will be called every day to make cards. Masks and physical distance standards will be made compliant. These cards will also be made in the offices. However, the center is awaiting a guideline on how the work will be done after May 17. After this, the process of making cards will be started.


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