Seven women workers fell unconscious due to chemical leakage

While working in Siddiqui’s LGB company in Rudrapur in Uttarakhand on Thursday, the condition of seven women chemical workers was worsened due to the chemical odor. These women were taken to the private hospital and admitted for treatment. The condition is better after the treatment.
According to the information, there is an LGB factory in Sector 9 of Siddiqui, Rudrapur. Bike chains are built in the factory. The cleaning worker had put more chemical during cleaning. After that, he forgot to remove it and there the chemical odor spread.
Employee Kalpana, Priyanka, Renu reached there as soon as the leakage was known, and they got unconscious. Right after this, one and after one, four women became unconscious. As soon as this was known, the factory management was stirred.
Recently, the condition of 18 workers had worsened after leakage of chlorine cylinders in the scrap yard of a factory located at Mahuakhedganj, Kashipur. But the companies are not aware of it.

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