Separate umbrella act will be implemented in private and government universities of Uttarakhand, draft prepared

Special things
A proposal can come in the cabinet meeting of 18 November

Similar standards will now apply in private universities of the state. Whether they are related to the appointment of vice-chancellors or teachers. In the same way, the standards will be applied equally in government universities.

Separate umbrella drafts for government and private universities have been prepared. This proposal can be placed in the cabinet meeting to be held on 18 November. Uniform standards can be implemented in government universities by the Department of Higher Education.

A draft has been prepared for this. In which according to UGC Regulations 2018, the appointment standards will be uniformly applied in all universities and colleges. This will change the selection criteria for assistant professor interviews in colleges.

Appointments and arbitrary fees will be banned
For this post, 21 marks for those candidates with 80 percent marks in graduation, above 60 and below 80 percent 19 marks, those with more than 55 and below 60, 16, and 10 marks for those above 45 percent and less than 55 percent.

Apart from this, a Ph.D. candidate will get 25 marks. Accordingly, the standard of appointment of the total secretary will be equally applicable to all universities. Apart from this, there will also be no arbitrariness in the standards of placements in private universities.

There will also be a ban on appointments and arbitrary fees. Sources in the Higher Education Department say that separate drafts have been prepared in private and government universities regarding the Umbrella Act.

Separate Umbrella Act has been formulated for government and private universities. Efforts are being made to implement it after it is brought to the cabinet.
– Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat, Minister of State for Higher Education

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