Scientists from Roorkee will do bathymetry analysis of Naini Lake, this technique will work

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Changes to the nature and internal structure of water in Naini Lake will be investigated.

The work of investigating the changes in the nature of Naini Lake and the internal structures of the lake water has started from today. The district administration has entrusted the responsibility of this work to the scientists of National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee. They said the team will conduct a bathymetry analysis of Naini Lake.

DM Savin Bansal said that Naini Lake is a major center of tourist attraction. It is also the main source of the drinking water supply of the townspeople. Sustainability of Naini Lake’s biodiversity is essential for the city’s tourism business, drinking water supply and the livelihood of a large number of townspeople.

He said that intensive bathymetry analysis will be conducted by the Roorkee scientists from November 9 to understand the nature of Naini Lake and the changes in the internal structures of the water below the surface of the water, long term conservation of the lake, storage capacity development of the lake and ecosystem.

He informed that for this, a five-member technical team will work under the leadership of Dr. Vaibhav Garg, Senior Scientist, Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee. The said team works on sonar technology.

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