School Adoption Program: Now Corporates will take responsibility of Government schools of Uttarakhand

In order to increase the infrastructure facilities in the filthy government schools in the state, the government has started the School Adoption Program. The state cabinet stamped the plan. Under this, adoption by self-help organizations and corporate house schools will improve the quality of infrastructure and education.

Under this, there will be a special focus on schools with the depleted and dilapidated condition. Under the chairmanship of the District Magistrate, a committee will be formed in every district, which will select schools. After this, they will be given arrangements by self-help organizations and corporate houses who wish to adopt them. Under the scheme, they can provide building or repair to it, repair of furniture, textual material, sporting goods and other materials for children in schools. Along with this, they can also arrange for the library, letter-journals, and guest teachers to improve the quality of education. In the first phase, only those schools will be adopted, whose condition is worse.

Furniture from CSR
Hundreds of schools in the state have got other goods including furniture from CSR over the past few years. ONGC alone has given up furniture to hundreds of schools. Apart from this, many other corporate houses and self-help organizations have come forward in this work. They have provided furniture in the schools as well as water purifiers, fans, other materials including study materials.

DM Udham Singh Nagar gave a proposal
The proposal of the School Adoption Program was given by the District Collector, Udham Singh Nagar, Dr Neeraj Khairwal. He offered to develop facilities in collaboration with private entities in some schools in their district. The state cabinet liked the proposal, after which it was agreed to implement at the state level. Read more posts…

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