Scholarship scandal: In the SIT investigation, many other big games were also exposed


In the scholarship scandal, a big game has come out in the SIT investigation about the BSE IT course. All students were shown absent in the examination, but for three years, scholarships were taken from the Social Welfare Department in their name.

No handcuffs have been given to grab scheduled castes and scheduled tribes scholarships. Some of the officials of the Social Welfare Department along with educational institutions have also been equal partners in this game. There has now been a rigging of the SIT investigation into the BSE IT course.

The SIT shows that most students in 2012 were found absent in the examination at the Motherhood Institute. Despite this, three years scholarship was held in the name of those students. Departmental officials also continued their blind-free scholarship. After observation of the letters, SIT expects the siege of the educational institution’s officer. In the next few days, departmental officers are also expected to crack down on the scam.


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