Scholarship scandal confuses between two departments

The investigation of the crores scholarship scandal is now being confused between revenue and social welfare department. The Social Welfare Department is calling the Revenue Department responsible for the revenue certificate to the responsibility of application verification.
At the same time, the Revenue Department is busy trying to avoid the issuance of budget and citing the applicant’s document to the social welfare department. In this case, SIT is trying to gather evidence against both the departments.
On the direction of Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, a scholarship scam was investigated in the social welfare. The SIT formed for this started running hands and feet for Tahrir in the beginning.
The Social Welfare Department also initially made full efforts to deny the SIT a rule-off. On this, SIT filed a lawsuit in Haridwar. After the trial, SIT is collecting documents by giving legal notice to the Social Welfare Department. There are quite a few documents in this regard from Haridwar district. At the same time, the documents of the scam in Dehradun have not yet been received by SIT. Meanwhile, SIT registered a case against a young man in Doiwala on Tahrir.
Even in this case, SIT has not yet received the complete documents. Sources say that the highest number of scholarships has been distributed among private schools in Doon. It is being speculated that more tit-for-tat scholarships were distributed here than in other districts of the state. Due to lack of documentation, SIT is not able to file a lawsuit. The revenues and social welfare departments are being accused of misbehaving with each other on the scholarship scam.

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