Scam in Ayushman scheme: without proper scrutiny, death of patient admitted to ICU, notice issued


Another cause notice has been issued to Brijesh Hospital in Ramnagar on charges of mistreatment under the Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand scheme. The hospital is charged that a patient was kept in the ICU without proper examination, which resulted in a delay in treatment and he died. The implementation committee has asked the hospital management to respond within 15 days of this notice.

Earlier, a notice was issued to Brijesh Hospital on June 1 for charging money from Ayushman card holders. After this, new complaints were received by the Uttarakhand Health Agency against the hospital. It was found that a patient was admitted in a critical condition on February 8 in Brajesh Hospital. Dr. Brijesh Agarwal, MD of the hospital, asked to take two tests of CT Thorax and CBC. The condition of the patient was critical enough that CT thorax was not made, only the CBC test was done. This test report itself was signed by Dr. Brijesh himself.

Dr. Abhishek Tripathi, Director (Administration) of Atal Ayushman Yojana told that Dr. Brijesh is not a pathologist, in which such signature is in the circle of doubt. There is no information about whether or not to check it. After this, there was no proper examination even during serious patient’s recruitment. With this, his condition deteriorated and at night at 10.30 p.m., the patient died. In this way, the negligence of Brijesh Hospital has emerged in this case. If the patient received treatment at the right time, then his life could be saved. In this case, a show cause notice has now been issued to Brijesh Hospital again.

Showing it a Pancreatic problem, took the claim, the report was normal
The deeds of Brijesh Hospital is not limited to here. In the case of five more patients, this hospital got around 65 thousand rupees in the claim scheme. While going to the extent of counterfeiting, the hospital worked in these cases. In fact, the claim was made by showing five patients under the pancreatic disease, while the report of blood test samples was normal. In this way, the hospital has already claimed the amount under the scheme by showing the wrong treatment of many patients. Dr. Tripathi told that all the other claims of the hospital have been stopped with immediate effect.


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