SC-ST employees rally in Dehradun today, warns the government of mass conversion

SC-ST employees

SC-ST employees from across the state will gather in Dehradun Maharally today
Demand for reservation in promotion and old reservation roster in a direct recruitment

SC-ST employees across the state will participate in the grand rally to be held today in the capital Dehradun to demand reservation in promotion and implementation of the old reservation roster in direct recruitment. He warned that if the government does not provide reservation, then this class will consider converting collectively.

Held at the call of the SC-ST Employees Federation, the Maharally will travel to the Secretariat. During this time a memorandum will be submitted to the Chief Minister. Federation’s state president Karam Ram said preparations for the Maharally have been completed.

A large number of SC, ST and OBC employees will reach Dehradun from all over the state in Maharally. According to him, hundreds of remote workers have also reached Dehradun. Employees of the remaining districts have reached Dehradun today. Employees are gathering at the parade ground and will travel from there to the secretariat in the form of Maharally.

OBC General Assembly got support
State President of SC ST Employees Federation Karam Ram said that his movement has been supported by the All India OBC General Assembly. Apart from this, there is also support from SC, ST, OBC and another organization belonging to the minority class. Regarding the support, the General Assembly chief convenor Vijay Singh Pal has sent a letter to him. His organization will take part in the Maha rally on Friday.

These are the main demands
– According to the final decision of the Supreme Court, the DPC should be started according to the conditional reservation roster
– Till the arrival of the Kaushik Committee report, direct recruitment should be done on the basis of reservation roster of the year 2001.
– Other backward classes should be given 27 percent reservation in government service, reservation should also be given in promotion
– Special campaign to fill the backlog vacancies in various departments of the state
– 100% compliance of reservation in the contract and outsourced appointment process
– If the government does not provide reservation, then this class will collectively consider conversion.


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