SBI has alerted the customers, sent lots of emails, ignorance may lead to loss


State Bank of India has alerted all its customers. SBI has asked customers to be alert by sending emails to them.

Debit cards with magnetic strips were given to customers so far. There was a great danger of cloning in these cards. Copying the data of these cards, all the frauds were disclosed from across the country.

In order to protect the deposits in the customers’ accounts, the Reserve Bank of India had directed all banks to issue EMV chip cards before December 31. The allocation of these cards is in progress.

SBI issued an alert
Meanwhile, SBI has issued an alert. It states that the data of the EMV chip card can also be stolen from the schemer (the machine used to steal the card information).

So, all customers have been advised to inform the bank immediately after taking extra vigilance and, if any such incident occurs, then the bank should be informed immediately. For this, SBI has shared all its helpline numbers with the customers.

These precautions are important
-Do not give your card to anyone. Neither a corporate representative nor any friend
-At the time of entering the PIN at ATM, keep the hand from the top. So if the camera is placed on the keyboard then your password is not recorded in it.
-Use your card only in your presence.

Keep these things in mind too
-Do not forget to handle your card after each transaction.
-Do not even tell your PIN to anyone. Do not even tell the SBI representative.
-Do not share your OTP, CVV and Net banking IDs with anyone.

Notify here if there is any wrong transaction
Call in SBI’s call center.
E-mail ID to .
Type ‘Problem’ and send an SMS to 9212500888.
You can also tweet on SBI’s Twitter handle @SBICard_Connect.
You can give information in your nearest SBI branch or your home branch.


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