RTI disclosed MPs spent more than half the fund

In the last five years, only 77.5 crore funds have been released from the MP fund of 125 crore rupees. It is 46 percent of the total fund. In the information received under the Right to Information Act, it has been revealed that only 69% of the 3790 works sanctioned by MP fund till December 2018, i.e., 2625 works have been completed. 445 works have not even started.

720 operations are currently underway. The next 2.5 crore installment is being released for providing details of the last two and a half million installments. According to information provided by the Rural Development Commissioner’s office, till December 2018, funds of only 58.90 crore have been incurred from the available MPs funds including interest of 81.34 crore.

The highest cost of the kosyari is 65 percent
Nainital parliamentarian Bhagat Singh Kosyari has spent 65% i.e. 1646.42 lacs out of 2542.88 lacs fund.
It is the highest in the state. Similarly, the total MP fund with the interest is 2632.74 lakhs of Almora MP and union minister Ajay Tumta, out of which only 32 percent ie 839.20 lakhs have been spent till December 2018. Haridwar MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has spent only 51 percent ie 1327.48 lakh out of a total of 2590.88 lakhs. Here, only 29 percent i.e., 1271.45 lakhs have been spent by Pauri MP BC Khanduri out of 2521.45 lakhs. Out of 2596.50 lakhs only 52 percent i.e., 1340.99 lakhs of the funds have been spent by Tehri MP Mala Rajyalakshmi.

Haridwar MP Dr. Nishank’s 93 percent work done
Of the 750 works of Union Minister and Almora MP Ajay Tamta, 76% i.e., 567 works have been completed, 171 are ongoing and 12 have not started. Of the total 507 works of Haridwar MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, 93% i.e., 470 works have been completed, 14 works are ongoing and 23 have not started. Of the 1209 works of Tehri MP, 41% i.e. 501 are completed, 402 are ongoing and 306 have not started. Of the 462 works of Pauri MP BC Khanduri, 73% i.e. 339 completed, 81 are ongoing and 42 have not started. Out of 862 works of Nainital-Udham Singh Nagar MP Bhagat Singh Kosariyari, 87% i.e. 748 have been completed, 62 works are ongoing and 63 works have not started.

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