Ropeway system over metro in Dehradun, cheaper and possible

Dehradun Metro News

In the public transport system in the capital Dunn, the government is now exploring the possibilities of a ropeway (cable car). Ropeway system is not only affordable, but construction is also easier than the expensive metro and light rail transit (LRT). Proposals have been prepared for this.

The proposed plan has also been submitted to Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh. However, the final seal will be made only on the approval of Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat. The government has constituted the Metro Rail Corporation for the development of a metro rail system in the form of public transport in Haridwar and Rishikesh including the capital.

A survey has been done on the metro rail, but there is no possibility of construction due to the upcoming cost. After this, the churning of the LRT system has also been done. Its prospects are being seen in Haridwar, but due to lack of space in Dehradun, the project will not be easy.

Now the third option is to work on the cable car network. For this, the cable car network established in Bolivia’s La Paz city has been studied. The geographical nature of the La Paz is also mountainous like Dehradun. In this case, the project is being considered as effective in Dehradun. In terms of cost, this project is cheap, despite the low availability of land it can be made. The report prepared by the project is to be presented before the Chief Minister.


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