Roadways bus driver or operator, if breaks traffic rules, fine will be recovered from the salary

Now if the driver or operator of the roadways bus breaks the traffic rules, the fine will be charged from their salary. In this regard, Managing Director Ranveer Singh has issued orders so that the new Motor Vehicles Act can be strictly followed.

According to Transport Corporation officials, roadways buses violate traffic rules in other states such as not following traffic signals, transporting vehicles ahead of Zebra crossing, driving buses at over speed, etc. They are subsequently invoiced and the transport corporation has to pay the fine. Recently the amount of fine has been increased by 10 times by amending the Motor Vehicles Act. After this, the management has also become strict. Managing Director Ranveer Singh has issued orders that the challan amount will be recovered from the driver’s salary if he violates the traffic rules.

He has directed the officials to keep the registration copy of all the buses, verified photocopy of the permit, motivate the driver operator not to drunk drive, to follow the traffic rules. Instructions have also been given to check the drivers’ license. In this regard, all DGM, RM, ARM has also been instructed for checking. Stated that strict action will be taken against those who violate it.

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