Rishikesh: Blood donation once in three months – Dr. Amit Gupta

Lions Club Rishikesh Royal organized a voluntary blood donation camp in Seema Dental College and Hospital with the help of AIIMS Blood Bank. 65 units of blood were collected on this occasion. On Thursday, the camp was inaugurated by Dr. Amit Gupta, chairman of Seema Dental College, at the hospital campus. On this occasion, Dr. Geeta Negi of AIIMS Blood Bank examined the blood of students. After blood tests, about 65 units of blood were collected.

Dr. Amit Gupta said that blood is something that cannot be made in a factory. It is produced only in the human body. Blood donation must be done once every three months for human services. Dr. Himanshu Aran said that all the students present in the blood donation camp are future doctors. Being a doctor, it is important for students to understand the importance of blood donation.

Lions Club President Atul Jain said that the aim of setting the camp was to provide blood to the needy and to bring awareness among blood donors in the students. On this occasion, Dr. Amar Tuli, Dr. Sushant Miniya, Dheeraj Makhija, Sushil Chhabra, Sumit Chopra, Punit Garg, Prashant Jamdagni, Abhinav Goyal, Himanshu Arora, Ashish Agarwal, Mayank Gupta, Arvind Kinnar, Luvish Agarwal, etc. were present on this occasion. Read more posts…

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