Relief news for vehicle owners looking for learning and permanent driving license

driving license

This is relief news for vehicle owners who have been waiting for learning and permanent driving license for the last four months. Departmental officials have claimed that new DLs can be issued to applicants after 15 July. Currently, in the first phase, licenses will be issued to 5000 applicants who have applied before 22 March.

The functioning of the RTO had come to a complete standstill since 22 March. On the orders of the District Magistrate, fresh work started in the RTO, then the work started returning to track. Currently, the driving license is being renewed with the issuance of a duplicate license in RTO. Applications of 20 vehicle owners are being taken in a day.

Departmental officials say that the process of issuing new DLs will be started soon. For this, SOP is being prepared at the departmental level. RTO administration Dwarka Prasad says that it is expected that after July 15, the process of issuing new driving licenses will be started. For this, all aspects are being discussed.

33000 applicants in the queue for D.L.

More than 33000 applicants are queuing up for driving licenses. While 20 cases are being dealt with in RTO in just one day. If we look at the figures of the Transport Department, 350 DL was issued a day before the lockdown.

It had 250 learning and 100 temporary licenses. But the number of DL applicants has reached 33250 due to the shutdown during the lockdown. Among them are five thousand applicants who have applied for DL ​​before 22 March.

Departmental officials say that if the driving license is not issued soon, it will be difficult to dispose of the pending excess. ARTO (Administration) Dwarka Prasad says that SOP is being prepared at the departmental level for issuing driving licenses to applicants at the earliest.


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