Recovery will be done on the lines of the airport at Dehradun railway station, user charges will have to be given for convenience

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Tender continues for Anand Vihar, Bijwasan, Chandigarh station
The tender will come in the next two months to make Dehradun, Amritsar, New Delhi, and Mumbai stations world-class

Rail passengers will soon get the benefit of world-class facilities at many major railway stations of the country including Dehradun, but for this, they will have to pay the user development charge on the lines of the airport itself. This charge will be charged on all tickets whose journey starts from the world-class station or ends at such a station. Due to this, the passenger will have to pay the increased fare, which can vary from station to station.

Railway Board Chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav said that this user charge will be decided on the basis of the number of passengers coming to the stations to be developed under world-class facilities, the notification of which will be issued by the Railway Ministry soon. He said that this charge will be kept very nominal.

Yadav said that the Habibganj and Gandhinagar railway stations have been made world-class facilities under the pilot project, while the tender has been issued to make Delhi’s Anand Vihar and Bijwasan and Chandigarh railway stations world-class. He informed that in the next two months, the tender process will also be started for Dehradun, New Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Amritsar, Sabarmati, Gwalior, Nagpur stations at a cost of Rs. 1296 crore.

He informed that the government has set a target of making 50 stations world-class by 2020-21 under the Indian Railway Station Development Corporation Limited (IRSDC) with an investment of about Rs 50,000 crore. The government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the redevelopment of 400 railway stations in its first term. But due to delay in this target, the NITI Aayog in October last year pulled up the Ministry of Railways immensely and recommended a high-powered group of top bureaucrats to develop 50 stations on a priority basis.

The money will be spent on reducing railway traffic jam
In fact, the railways have identified 58 such ‘supercritical’ routes on which more trains plying due to a large number of passengers are on the way and the traffic jams at the station. To solve this, the Railways will have to spend 9930 crores. Similarly, 72500 crore rupees will be spent on 68 ‘critical’ routes. Railways have set a target to complete this work by 2021-22. But it is very difficult to raise so much money. For this reason, Railways has decided to raise money through methods like user development charge.

Five Star Hotel and residential flats will be built at the station itself
Five Star Hotel will also be available at the railway station itself. IRSDC CEO SK Lohia said that the Five Star Hotel has been built on the railway track at Gandhinagar station and the experiment has been successful. It will also be adopted at other stations. With this, residential flats will be built on railway stations and will be given on a lease of 99 years. These flats will be sold by the company developing world-class facilities at the station.

Service merger will be available at all times
The Railway Board President said that the decision to merge the 8 services of the railways into one service is final and there will be no change in it now. He said that the Central Public Service Commission has also been asked not to remove the vacancies.

This is also the preparation
Preparing to run 150 trains of private companies on 12 clusters
Railways will issue tender for these private trains next month
Four corridors have been marked to run the train at a speed of 160
Modern signaling system in 5 years on 34 thousand km rail track


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