Record will be made on Harela festival in Dehradun, 2.75 lakh saplings to be planted in one hour

Harela festival

On July 16, the campaign will run in the entire district under the leadership of the district administration

This time in Dehradun, a record will be made at the Harela festival. On July 16, 2.75 lakh saplings will be planted in Dehradun in an hour. Two years ago, two lakh saplings were planted on Harela under the Rishiparna Abhiyan on July 22, 2018. Preparations have been completed for the campaign on July 16 under the leadership of the district administration. This time around the Harela festival, a target has been set to plant 2.75 lakh saplings in an hour. For this, responsibility has been fixed to the Municipal Corporation, Municipality, and Nagar Panchayats as well as Forest Department, Horticulture Department, MNREGA, MDDA, etc.

Big challenge this time

Two years ago, two lakh saplings were planted in 50 sectors under the Rishiparna campaign from Rispana. Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat had planted saplings in Caravan village and Mothrowala himself. More than 416 school children participated in this campaign. NGOs, the general public as well as officials and employees of government departments were also involved. Even at that time plantation took three hours.

This time the Corona era is going on. In such a situation, the goal of planting 2.75 lakh saplings in one hour is a big challenge before the administration. This time too, there is preparation to plant on vacant land in schools, government offices, parks, residential colonies. Apart from this, along with the road dividers near Jolly Grant Airport, plantations will also be done in the houses.

Target will be achieved through this strategy

– The district administration will have to dig pits one or two days before planting.
– The plants will have to be delivered a day before to the public.
– In places where plants are to be planted, water, etc. will also have to be arranged.
– The team engaged for plantation will have to plant saplings under their supervision.

Challenge ahead

– The places where saplings were planted will have to be inspected periodically.
– New plants will have to be replaced in place of drying plants. For this, the duty of the officer or employee concerned will have to be fixed.
– To keep the plant alive, an awareness campaign will be required from time to time.
– About 60 percent of the plants survive after planting. In such a situation, the remaining 40 percent of the plants will also have to be saved.

These plants will be planted

Mango, Guava, Litchi, Sheesham, Harad, Bahera, Belpatra, Sandan, Mahal, Tejpata, Amalatas, Kanji, Kanju, Kachnar, Bamboo, Amla, Jackfruit, Tikoma, Pilan, Arjuna, Maureng with flowers like Bela, Champa, Ratrani, etc. Plants of species like berry, lemon, etc. will be planted. Apart from this, ornamental plants will also be planted.

Whatever campaign is carried out with the collective efforts and cooperation of the public is always successful. On the instructions of the Chief Minister, a target has been set to plant 2.75 lakh saplings on Harela on 16 July. Preparations are underway. There is an appeal to the people of all religions, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, and Buddhist, to plant more and more on the 16th. 100% of the saplings planted do not necessarily survive, but the plants that are spoiled will be replaced with new saplings.
-Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava, District Magistrate

What do people say

The more important it is to plant, the more it is to be saved. Whether it is planted by the administration or us. Whatever plants are being planted. Their inspection and care are also necessary.
-Vedanta Shukla

Planting saplings is a good thing, but should we plant only one day in a year? If such a campaign continues throughout the year, the results can be better.
-Resham Taluja

A big campaign by the district administration for plantation is a commendable step. The administration or government machinery does not have all the responsibility. We should also give our support.
– Shashwat Uniyal

The administration should also arrange for monitoring of the plants planted under the campaign. Lest the saplings are planted. They dry up when there is no monitoring. Efforts will be wasted in such a situation.
-Vijayraj Chauhan


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