Record of three years of rain breaks in February, 77 percent more rain than average

Rainfall this year in February has broken the record of last three years. So far, 164.3 mm of rain has been recorded this month. It is about 77 percent more than the normal rainfall. More than average rainfall has been recorded in all the districts of the state. Whereas in Tehri and Pithoragarh, there is almost twice the average rainfall.

On average, 92.8 mm of rainfall is recorded in January and February each year. According to the Meteorological Department, 164.3 mm of rain has been recorded in the state from January 1 to 20 this year. Of this, 49.3 mm of rains have been recorded till 20 February only. Usually, February has 16.9 mm average. According to the figures, there have been so many rains in January and February for the first time since the year 2014. In February 2014, the state had 125.8 mm in the state. In the year 2015, 29 mm of rainfall, 22.2 mm rainfall in 2016 and 9.4 mm in the year 2017 was recorded.

The highest rainfall was in February 2013
According to the Meteorological Department, during the last ten years, the highest rainfall in February was in 2013, during that time 190.5 mm rainfall was recorded. Whereas in the year 1961, 212.9 mm of rain was recorded. This is the highest rainfall record so far. Meteorological Department Bikram Singh said that there is a good system of rain in the state. There may be one or two rounds of rain until the end of February.

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