Rajiv Housing scam: DGC also convicted Shakti Farm Nagar Panchayat chairman in crores scam

Shaktagarh (ShaktiFarm) Nagar Panchayat is tightening the culprits of the 10.84 crores Rajiv Gandhi Housing scam. In the report sent to the DM, the District Administrative Advisor (DGC) also said that in its report, the BJP leader / Nagar Panchayat chairman Sukant Brahma was among those convicted along with the others.

DM Neeraj Khairwal in the housing scandal of crores rupees was considered guilty in all its investigations including Chairman and two EOs. However, for proper legal action on the culprits, DM had written a letter to the District Government Advocate seeking opinion. District Government Foreclosure officer NS Dhami said in the report sent to DM that in the case of Nagar Panchayat Shaktigarh, in the case of irregularities in the allocation under the Rajiv Awas Yojana it is known that the list of beneficiaries proposed by the then Municipal Panchayat President Sukant Brahma was changed and another list was issued.

Some of the ineligible names were included in it and they were not even passed in the board. For this reason, the then Chairman is the first to blame. In its report, the DGC also said that criminal cases are also made against those ineligible beneficiaries who applied to take advantage of the scheme. Apart from this, it was also said that it has also proved in the first place that the employees involved in the scam did not discharge their duties properly. Therefore, departmental action should also be taken against them.

This is the case
During the year 2015-16, 504 houses were sanctioned under the Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojana in Nagar Panchayat Shaktigarh. In this, only 298 houses were started on the spot. In the form of the first installment, 11 crore rupees were issued to the beneficiaries in the State Bank of India. Residents of Shakti Farm, Prm Kumar Arora and Ramesh Rai had filed a PIL petition in the Uttarakhand High Court on this matter. Both the petitioners had alleged in their PIL that the benefit of the Rajiv Awas Yojana has not been given to eligible persons and the misuse of government money was done. According to petitioner Prem Kumar, the ineligible people were selected under the scheme. The money received under the scheme was to come in the bank account of the beneficiaries, but the contractors had withdrawn their accounts with the then manager of Bank of Baroda.

These people were found in the investigation of the DM
In DM Neeraj Khairwal’s investigation into crores of rupees in Rajiv housing scandal, BJP leader/Nagar Panchayat Chairman Sukrant Brahma, the then executive officer, Jayvir Singh Rathi, current executive officer Sarita Rana, current clerk Suresh Singh Babu, the then-under-construction engineer Ravindra Pal Singh, Ward 1 member, Shagun Gupta, Ward 2 member, Upendra Singh, Ward 3 member Meena Sarkar, Ward 4 members Kala Chand Das, Sanjeev Gupta, contractor Kailash Chandra Maheshwari, contractor Ramesh Mishra, contractor Jaswinder Singh, contractor Sunil Arora, contractor Harvilas, contractor Ashok Kumar, then Siddharth Kumar, the then manager of Bank of Baroda was found guilty.

In the Rajiv Housing scam of Rs 10.84 crore, 17 people were found guilty in the first place. The opinion of the District Government Advocate was sought for legal action. The report of the government advocate has been received. Study of the report will be processed on all the culprits soon as per rules.  Read more posts…
– Dr. Neeraj Khairwal, DM US city

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