Rajaji park officials to solve the unemployment linking with ecotourism

In order to increase the income of the farmers of the marginal villages belonging to the Rajaji Park Border and to provide employment to the unemployed, the park officials have started work by making a concrete plan.
Under this, the culture of the marginal villages of the Bravada range of Rajaji Tiger Reserve has been linked to ecotourism. In this way, employment is provided to unemployed people by providing livelihood of the villages, their local food items etc., to tourists across the country. The income of the farmers is being increased by mushroom and lemongrass production.
Officials are preparing a route to develop villages linked to Rajaji Tiger Reserve Park by tourism. This route will be passing through the villages adjacent to Rajaji Park and through Yog guru Baba Ramdev’s delightful places of yoga, Acharyakulam, and Jungle.

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