Rafael will prove to be a game changer, says defense expert; Psychological edge over enemies


Rafale has given a new dimension to the strength of the Indian Air Force. Defense experts believe this to be a game-changer. The electronic warfare and radar are quite modern in this. This will increase the capacity of our Combat. Rafael is far ahead in both cases, ground attack or air attack. That is, after the acquisition of Rafael, India has gained great power. Experts have put their point on it like this.

Wing Commander MS Dhillon says that this is a modern powerful aircraft and by joining them now the strength of the Air Force will increase manifold. In addition to Rafale’s avionics and radar advanced technology, the missiles and other weapons it carries are currently the world’s best-advanced weaponry. After joining Rafale’s Air Force fleet, India can now easily perform airstrikes to destroy enemies.

Take General MC Bhandari (retd) says that these five Rafaels have come to India at a time when India is engaged with its two neighbors, China and Pakistan. Rafael is much more capable than Pakistan’s F-16 and China’s J-20. The Indian Air Force will get great power from this aircraft. There will also be psychological pressure on China and Pakistan. At first sight, we have become mentally strong. As they come, our capacity will become stronger.

Air Marshal DS Rawat (retd.) says that Rafale aircraft will further enhance the capability of the Indian Air Force. An aircraft with similar efficiency and unmatched electronic warfare system is not possessed by any country in the neighborhood. India will have unmatched air power when 36 Rafale aircraft arrive. In comparison to Miraj, Sukhoi, Rafael is a different generation fighter plane which can easily distinguish the target.

Wing Commander Anupama Joshi (retd.) says that the Rafale is a 4.5 generation fighter aircraft and is one of the finest modern fighter aircraft in the world. This fighter aircraft will increase its capacity by joining the Indian Air Force. Multi-role fighter Jet Rafael specializes in targeting multiple targets simultaneously. After getting these planes, India has an edge against China and Pakistan.


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