Radha Bharadwaj receives the Best Actress Award

Radha Bharadwaj from Dehradun has been awarded the Best Actress Award for her film “Afsos” in the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival in Mumbai. Produced by Vihsaling Wood and directed by Swati Sarkar, film “Afsos”, Radha received this award because of her superb performance in the film.
Participants from all over the world had nominated their films at the annual festival. Radha, a resident of Kanwali Road, who has been working in a theatre for seven years, said she has worked in various short films and web series including many advertisements.
Radha, an engineering student from Doon, is currently preparing for the film festival in 2019. Film “Afsos” is a story of a woman who is unable to coordinate between her career and personal life, the results of which are later suppressed.

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