Questions arose among the political circle, what exactly is going on in the mind of the champions?

Even the notice of state BJP’s indiscipline has not stopped the rhetoric of BJP legislator Kunwar Pranav Champion. Since the birth anniversary of the Constitution creator Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, the champion is constantly making controversial statements about the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

On Tuesday, he targeted Mahatma Gandhi for not making Mohammad Ali Jinnah a Prime Minister. With this statement, the party has become uncomfortable again. State President Ajay Bhatt had to stay aside from his statement. So far it is being said that in this case, Champion can fall in trouble. If the sources are to be believed, then four times winner MLA Champion will also have understood the consequences of his statements. In such a situation, the question is floating in the political circles that what exactly is going on in the mind of Champion?

Political warriors are engaged in evaluating the implications of the statements of Champion. Champion comes from the Khanpur assembly of the Haridwar district. His assembly comprises 30 % of Muslims and 20 % of Scheduled Castes population. According to Champion, 60 % of the population in his district is OBCs. Champion’s statement is also circulating around the same vote bank. Now the question is whether Champion wants to influence the Scheduled Castes class by suggesting that Ambedkar should have been the Father of the Nation? Does he want to make a place in the heart of Muslims by mentioning Jinnah for being the PM?

There is a large population of Muslims, Scheduled Castes and OBCs in Haridwar. Does Champion intend to present himself outside the assembly to Haridwar district and as a leader of the state, behind which there is a big vote bank? There are as many questions as many faces. What does Champion think upon these questions? Only he knows it, but at the moment, the Champion’s wager is considering it as his sole game.

Now whether it was under the thoughtful tactic or coincidentally, Champion had come to understand that he had come to the discussion in the pretext of Mahatma Gandhi, Jinnah, the Father of the Nation, or Ambedkar. Such headlines barely relate to him for any other issues. The sources say that the BJP MLA has implicated his party in a religious conspiracy. Even if the party takes any action against them, Champion has the advantage. It is believed that Champion will be called martyrs for the revolt of Scheduled Castes class.

I am a leader, not a social worker. The work that Vivekananda did, in the same way, I am also working for change in society. Politics is a medium. I never wanted the post. A champion never thinks before speaking, Champion speaks fearlessly. Read more posts…
-Kunwar Pranav Champion, MLA, BJP

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