Publicity material not removed from Energy Corporation Office

Even though the administration is claiming strict adherence to the Model Code of Conduct, the Code of Conduct is being violated in the office of Energy Corporation. Hoardings which are spreading the publicity of the schemes of the Central and State Government are kept in the public chambers of the office.

Every day, consumers come to the corporations the rescue of other problems, including paying electricity bills. Regardless, its corporates have remained careless towards the rules of the Election Commission’s observance. With the declaration of Lok Sabha election dates by the Election Commission of India, the code of conduct was implemented in the country. To adhere to this, the material that was promoted by the political parties and government schemes was removed from the market and other public places on behalf of the administration.

But, the energy corporation is still having the hoardings of the scheme started by the government in their hall. With the propagation of the scheme on hoarding, photographs of Prime Minister and Chief Minister have also been printed. On the other hand, SDO Rajpal Singh of Energy Corporation said that applications are being implemented under the Sobhagya scheme. The billboards have not been removed due to this. All billboards will be removed shortly.

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