Public vehicles will run on roads in Uttarakhand from today, but first know these rules.

public transport operations

SOP issued, no riders more than fifty percent
The vehicle has to be sanitized before and after the journey

Between the stop of Covid-19 and lockdown 4.0, on the roads of Uttarakhand from e-rickshaws to city buses will start running from today. The Transport Department has released the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of public transport operations in the Orange and Green zones declared under the corona transition of the state.

All vehicle owners, drivers, operators, and passengers will have to comply strictly. It is mandatory to follow social distancing in the operation of vehicles. Secretary Transport Shailesh Bagouli issued the SOP on Wednesday. The SOP has been sent to all Additional Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, Secretaries-in-Charge, Director General of Police, Divisional Commissioners, District Magistrates, and all senior Superintendents Police and Superintendents of Police.

According to the issuance of SOP, from Thursday, other vehicles will start running in the districts except for Transport Corporation buses. However, permission will inevitably have to be obtained in case of moving to other districts.

It is necessary to follow these rules
-Every traveler must wear a mask
-It will be necessary for every passenger to wear a mask while traveling in public vehicles. -Passengers must follow social distancing in full. Hand sanitizer will have to be placed at the entry and exit of buses and other vehicles.

Arogya Setu app is also necessary
The driver, operator, and all the traveling passengers have to download the Arogya Setu app on their mobile. It has been made mandatory to use it.

Tobacco gutkha banned alcohol consumption

There will be a ban on consumption of betel leaf, tobacco, gutkha, and alcohol while traveling. Spitting in the vehicle will be punishable. Action will be taken against those who do so. If the corona is suspected, the information will be given to the driver and operator of the vehicle at the nearest police station or health center if any passenger shows signs of Covid-19 during the journey.

Restrictions on interstate routes

The operation of public transport on inter-state routes will be restricted. Only in special circumstances, vehicles will be allowed to be run only with the permission of the State Nodal Officer, Mandalayukta and District Magistrate.

Sanitization of vehicles is mandatory

Sanitization of the vehicle has to be done before starting each journey and after ending the journey. In this, the entrance of the vehicle, the handle, railing, steering, gear lever, seats will have to be completely sanitized. The driver and operator of the vehicle will use face masks and gloves.

There will be a thermal screening of migrants from outside states

Every migrant or passenger coming from other states via public vehicle will be thermal scanned at the time of entry into the state and within the state. Thermal scanning will be done for those passengers who travel from one district to another.

Vehicles will be stopped at fixed stops

During the journey, each vehicle will be stopped at the scheduled stoppage. During the lockdown period, public vehicles will be operated within the time frame for the respective zones.

Permission required for inside and outside the district

If it is unavoidable to drive a vehicle beyond the stipulated time for exemption, then it will have to take permission from the competent authority. In case of traveling outside the state, it will be compulsory to carry the permission letter or pass in the vehicle from the competent authority.

Vehicles and approved rides in Orange and Green districts
 Vehicle                         Seating Capacity                 Approved Seating Capacity
E-rickshaw                           05                                               03
Auto                                  03/04                                            02
Vikram                                 07                                               03
Vikram                                 08                                               04
Taxi Cab                               05                                               03
Taxi Cab                            06/07                                             03
Maxi Cab                            08/09                                            04
Maxi cab                             10/11                                            05
Maxi Cab                              12                                                06

Half of city bus capacity

Note: The seating capacity also includes the driver. The bus and minibus will only sit at 50 percent of the seating capacity as per RC.

Transport federation landed in protest

While the government has given the go-ahead sign to the operation of public vehicles, the Uttarakhand Transport Federation, the organization of operators of small to large vehicles, has raised eyes. Federation president Sudhir Rai says that we had made three demands from the government, first that forgive the GST in diesel, the second to compensate for the loss on taking half the ride, the third to increase the fare, but did not accept a single demand. So it has been decided that we will not run anything from auto-Vikram to city buses under the federation today.

Roadways MD Ranveer Singh Chauhan says that a decision will be taken to run roadways buses only after studying SOP, as of now, roadways buses are engaged in bringing and carrying migrants. Seating capacity of e-rickshaws, autos, Vikram, taxi cabs, Maxi cabs, and city buses has been fixed under SOP. 50 percent of the riding capacity in the vehicles has been approved. Half the seats will be kept vacant. No steep ride in the vehicle will be valid. The District Magistrates of all the districts will get public vehicles operated according to their own.


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