Procession taken out without permission, cases on 700-800 students including ABVP, ranking minister

ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) activists associated with the ruling party did not listen to the police on Thursday. Even after repeated refusal by the police, the activists took out a procession in the city without permission and publicly violated the recommendations of the Ling Doh Committee. Expressing strong resentment, Senior Superintendent of Police Arun Mohan Joshi gave instructions for action.

The police have registered a case against 700-800 unidentified students by nominating ABVP candidate Sagar Tomar, rank minister Jitendra Rawat alias Moni, BJYM metropolitan president Shyam Pant and Sunil Thapa. In the DAV College Students’ Union election, ABVP candidate Sagar Tomar gathered all his support at Lord Vancouver’s Wedding Point on Thursday to show strength. CO Dalanwala Jaya Baluni asked candidate Sagar Tomar and other student leaders not to take out the procession without permission.

Activists associated with the ruling party took out a procession in an arbitrary manner
Warnings were given if the procession is taken out, cases will be filed against them When the student leaders spoke to SSP Arun Mohan Joshi, they bluntly said that if the procession is taken out, a case will be registered in any case. Activists associated with the ruling party took out a procession in an arbitrary manner. A procession was taken from DAV PG College via EC Road beating Dhol-Nagade and sloganeering.

SSP Arun Mohan Joshi expressed strong displeasure over the procession taking place without permission. He instructed CO Jaya Baluni to take action. A case was filed at Dalanwala police station under sections 147, 283 and 342 for taking out the procession without permission from Karanpur outpost in-charge Komal Singh Rawat. In the case, Deputy Inspector Rawat said that the ABVP candidate Sagar Tomar, Youth Welfare Council Vice-President (Minister in rank), BJYM’s Metropolitan President Shyam Pant, etc. tried their best to convince them, but they did not listen to any one of them. People were in trouble due to the procession jammed.

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