Problems with pregnant women and other patients will increase, from April 24, many wheels of 108 ambulances may stop


If the demand for employees is not met until 23rd April, the emergency service can stop on the 24th of April. The employees of the existing company of 108 ambulances, GVK are demanding to adjust to the new company by April 23. Through the government, the company has given notice of termination of its services.

The employees have also warned of indefinite agitation after 30 April. However, GVK officials have objected to this warning and asked to take strict action against employees.

In this regard, on Friday, 108 staff association president Vipin Jamloki has a press conference under the banner of the Indian Labor Union. He said that the government had decided to give the operation of the former company instead of GVK to the camp company from March 31 this year.

The process was not completed until this period, it was extended to one month till 30th April. Currently, 717 employees in the company are working on the notice of service termination on 30th April. That is, after April 30, no work will be in their hands.

Vipin Jamloki said that if the government does not order these employees to adjust to the new camp company by April 23, then on April 24 the employees will be on strike. During this period, all the employees from across the state will travel to the secretariat from Parade Ground.

If no order is issued yet, then the workers will be indefinitely aggrieved after April 30. He said that the employees have been providing excellent services for the last 11 years. In such a way, if they are put out like this, they will protest in the state while making the movement broad.

Action to be taken upon Strikers
Currently, Manish Tinku, state in-charge of GVK, who operates 108, says that the service will not be allowed to stop at any aspect. If anyone tries doing something like this, legal action will be taken against him. The company will try its best that the service will not stop on April 24. Read more posts…


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