Prior to the Lok Sabha election, a gift for Tehri dam displaced, the old debt of 70 crores waived

Prior to going into the Lok Sabha elections, the Trivendra Government has gifted nearly ten thousand people displaced from the Tehri Dam. In the cabinet meeting, all the old bills of water-sewer of the dam displaced people have been waived.

The bill is about Rs 70 crore. The government has decided to constitute a committee under the chairmanship of drinking water minister Prakash Pant to test whether the bill is to be recovered from the displaced persons or not.

The matter of taking water bills from the Tehri dam displaced persons has been raised for a long time. In 2011, the BJP and Congress in 2012, the then Chief Ministers were announced to waive the water and sewer bill at the level of emergency, but they could not be implemented due to technical reasons.

This proposal was proposed in a three-member Cabinet meeting on Sunday prior to the Lok Sabha elections, which was approved unanimously. It was informed in the meeting that the Uttarakhand Water Sanctuary was transferred to the Sewerage Scheme 2006-07 and Water Supply Scheme 2010-11 in New Tehri for maintenance and operation. Similarly, drinking water/sewer schemes were developed from time to time on other resettlement sites.

All of these are being done at the level of the water establishment. It was reported in the proposal that there are 9909 water connections in the other rehabilitation colonies including the new Tehri. Of these, 3093 consumers are paying bills at the same level.

The remaining 6819 consumers are not paying water price from the beginning. Not only this, the sewer system is being run at the level of the water establishment in the rehabilitation of the new Tehri and Dehradun Colony Dehara special. After discussions on the proposal, the cabinet decides to waive the old water price and sewer charges.

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