Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s public meeting in Dehradun today, see the route before going out


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the election rally in Dehradun Parade Ground today. About 50 thousand people have been claimed by the organizers. The Prime Minister is scheduled to reach Doon near 3-3:30 o’clock. After reaching the Jollygrant airport with special aircraft, Prime Minister will reach through helicopter on the GTC helipad. Prime Minister’s convoy from Helipad will be brought to Parade Ground.

Here, Modi will leave for the next journey after addressing about 40 minutes. Traffic on the main roads will be fully restricted while bringing the PM’s convoy to the road. This plan will also work on the return of VVIP. Due to the increase in traffic pressure on the roads after the rally is over, the possibility of getting stuck is not being denied. Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat and Executive President Naresh Bansal took stock of the arrangements after reaching Parade Ground on Thursday evening.

Routes for vehicles coming in the public meeting
-Buses coming from Rispana and other vehicles coming from Dharmpur Chowk, Agrawal Bakery, through Gurunanak Chowk can be parked in empty areas near Gurupuram.

-Buses coming from Parade Ground, through culvert no.6, Fountain Chowk, Agrawal Bakery, and Gurunanak Chowk can be parked in a near empty ground.

-Buses coming from Chakrata Road will be available in Ballupur Chowk, Kishan Nagar Chowk, Ghantaghar, Darshanlal Chowk, Lansdowne Chowk, leaving the people on the empty ground near Buddha Chowk, MKP, Guru Nanak wedding Point

-Tiraha, Racecourse Chowk and Bannu Chowk will reach the empty ground near the gurudwara.

-Vehicles coming from Asharodi will be parked in empty plains by ISBT, Karagi Chowk, Old Bypass Chowk, Mata Temple Road, Dharmpur Chowk, Agrawal Bakery and Gurunank Chowk.

-Vehicles coming to Parade Ground from Rajpur Road will park in Mangala Devi School Ground located near Dilaramp Chowk, Eucalyptus Chowk, Survey Chowk.

Parking arrangement
-Behind the stage, VVIP Vehicle will be parked.
-Dhunga House Parking for the vehicles of the press.
-The vehicles of the legislators will park under the water tank on the Parade Ground.
-The vehicles of DTC personnel will be parked in Doon Club.
-Arrangements have been made to set up four wheelers at Range Ground, Mangla Devi School, Pavilion Ground, Bannu School, Directorate of Forest Department, Vishwanath Seva empty ground and old prison premises.
Vikram Divert Plan
-All the Vikram through Raipur Routes will go back to the Sahastradhara crossing.
-Dharmapura Route Vikram from tehsil chowk through Doon Hospital Chowk will go towards MKP Chowk.
-ISBT route Vikram will return from the railway station gate.
-Premnagar Route Vikram will be back from the Prabhat cut.
-Rajpur road Virkram will be diverted from Great Value trijunction towards Canal Road.

Divert Plan of City Buses
– City buses coming from ISBT will be back from Tehsil Chowk.
-The city bus going to Rajpur road will be going from the Dashanlal Chowk to the Ghantaghar.
-City buses coming from Raipur road will be returned from Sahastradhara crossing.

Barrier system
Outer Point: – Survey Chowk, Manoj Clinic, Buddha Chowk, Darshan Lal Chowk, Orient Chowk, Pacific trijunction
Inner Point: – Employment Tiraha, Kanak Chowk, Dhunga House, Lansdowne Chowk, Convent trijunction.

This will be the special arrangements
There will be no restriction on emergency service vehicles such as ambulances, fire service vehicles, etc.
Parking around the Parade Ground and putting stalls will be completely prohibited.

This arrangement will continue on Prime Minister’s byroad travel
-No vehicle will go towards GTC helipad from Doon School Trijunction and Oil Bhawan Cut.
-No vehicle will go to New Cantt House and CSD Canteen Trijunction from Circuit House Chowki.
-No vehicle will go from Vijay Colony bridge to Annexe trijunction.
-No vehicle will go from Survey of India Hathi Barkala gate to Hathi Barkala Bazar and Kalidas Trijunction.
– Vehicles coming from Kalidas road will be stopped 50 meters before the Kalidas intersection.
-Vehicles coming from Great Value Trijunction will be stopped at Dilaram Chowk.
-Vehicles coming to Eucalyptus, Bani Bazar, DAV Cut, Survey Chowk will also be stopped earlier by putting a barrier. Survey Chowk, Cross Road, Dwarka Store, Atul Maheshwari Chowk, Dharmapoor Mandi, Fountain Chowk, culvert no. 6, Dhobhal Chowk, Kidduvala Trijunction, Shiv Mandir Trijunction, Maharana Pratap Chowk, Soda Saroli Village, Thano Chowk, all the vehicles coming towards the main road through these roads will be stopped by the posted policemen with barrier accordingly. Read more posts…


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