On the occasion of Children’s Day, a program was organized by District Red Cross Branch Dehradun

On the occasion of Children’s Day, a program was organized by District Red Cross Branch Dehradun in Pre Secondary School Prempur Mafi Kaulagarh, Dehradun. The program was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by Dr. M. Ansari, General Secretary, State Branch Red Cross Society Uttarakhand as the Chief Guest. After this, a welcome song was presented by the students.

Addressing everyone, the chief guest told that the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is celebrated as Children’s Day. Jawaharlal Nehru very much loved children and children also called him Chaha Nehru. Nehru used to say that children are the future of the country, so it is important that they should be loved and taken care of. Some people are exploiting them for their little benefit. In fact, the meaning of Children’s Day cannot be completely meaningful until every child in our country gets his fundamental child rights. In such a situation, on the occasion of Children’s Day, we should all together spread awareness about child rights.

In this sequence, Mrs. Parvati Pandey presented ideas on Thalassemia, in which she told that blood in the body stops when suffering from Thalassemia and that the two Thalassemia-affected people should not marry because it will increase the chance of affecting their children from this disease. The risk of suffering increases.

Anil Verma gave detailed information about the Red Cross.

A cultural performance was done by the students in which everyone was charmed. A quiz program was also organized in the same way in which all the students participated enthusiastically, along with that all the students were also rewarded by distributing prizes by District Red Cross Branch Dehradun.

On this occasion, the program was conducted by Mrs. Kalpana Bisht, Principal, and Treasurer, District Red Cross Branch Dehradun. Among the guests present were Parvati Pandey, Dr. Shifat Ansari, Mohan Khatri, Rupali Sharma, Zahid Hasan, Teacher Gunsai and other teachers who made their presence successful.

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