Preparation to broaden General-OBC Association in Uttarakhand, this is the plan

General-OBC Association

The broadening of the organization was discussed in the Uttarakhand General-OBC Employees Association’s Sunday webinar. The officials said that the victory of restoration of reservation promotion without reservation was on the strength of solidarity. Some organizations are separating from us and making nonsensical rhetoric, but we will broaden the association and connect corporations, contract workers, and private sector employees to the unemployed. At the same time, the aim of the association will now be to revert those getting promotions on reservation basis from 1997, abolishing the Atrocity Act and getting the first post in the new roster of direct recruitment to the unreserved category.

In the meeting, the provincial president of the association, Deepak Joshi, said that the power of the organization had the effect that without reservation, the promotion was successful. But some people have now parted ways with the association to fulfill their personal interests. Such people are facing opposition from their staff members only. District President of Champawat State Employees Joint Council Bhupendra Prakash Joshi and some members of his executive gave up their resignations from the council.

But the association explained that it should remain in its parent organization and withdraw the resignation immediately. A similar thing has come out from many districts. At the same time, the provincial general secretary of the association Virendra Singh Gusai said that the organization will meet again next week. In which further strategy will be prepared.

Along with this, the people, on whose behalf all kinds of allegations are being made, will be responded to one by one. Soon one year’s annual accounting report will also be made public. More than a hundred people attended the meeting including officials from Haridwar, Pithoragarh, Almora, Bageshwar, Champawat, Pauri, Tehri.


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