Preparation for Chardham yatra route unfulfilled, traffic jam for hours

Traffic Jam en route Char Dham

The preparations for the police administration on the weekend have remained unfulfilled. On one side, on Sunday, for an hour, tourists and locals were stranded on the Chardham yatra route in Kotdwar. While on the side, on the Nainital highway, a half-a-kilometer long jam was stayed for long on Khairna Bazar due to vehicles standing diagonally near Jhulla bridge Garampani. The vehicles were moving as of crawling.

Due to road repair work near the tunnel near Datkali temple in Dehradun, jam stopped for about an hour on Sunday. People had to face problems because of this. Due to the summer season, the crowd of tourists has increased in the capital. For the past several days, the work of road repair is going on near the tunnel. Due to repair work in the day, the vehicles are stuck here. Along with the locals, tourists’ vehicles are also stuck in the jam. Because of which their time is also wasted. Even on Sunday, the traffic jam held for an hour at about five o’clock in the evening.

On seeing the jam on the NH, the Kotdwar police planted the signboard board to bring the Char Dham Yatra on the NH through Goddess Temple by a Ginvai source, but due to lack of information, all the vehicles passed through NH, due to which there was a situation of jam from NH 3 km to Malviya Garden. The passengers had to face heavy troubles due to the jam.

In the Chardham yatra, due to the pilgrims’ and tourists’ frequent touring, the journey started trembling. On June 12, after seeing the crowd of devotees in Haridwar on Ganga Dussehra, the director of the Garhwal and the Director General of Police had instructed the tour to start the route through Kotdwar. Kotwali Police started preparations on the journey by way of Kotdwar. Under this, arrangements had already been made to divert the travel route from the Kodiya intersection in view of the situation of jam on NH.

For the passengers not to have trouble on the new route, in Kodia, Goddess Temple, Gharat and Ginvai source, the signboards of Kedarnath, Badrinath yatra route were also installed, but on Sunday all the preparations of the police remained unruly. On Sunday, a large number of pilgrims from other districts along with Bijnor in Siddhbali arrived with tractors and other vehicles.


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