Pollution check hit, queues started from 3 am; Pollution investigation center operators are looting

Nowadays the citizens of the city are feeling sleepy due to the stringent provision of a fine of Rs 10 thousand by the Central Government for not having the pollution check certificate in the vehicle. The situation is that long queues of vehicles were seen from 19 pollution testing centers in the city from morning till night. Not only this, people reached the pollution investigation center from three in the morning and waited for the center to open. The tokens are being distributed in view of the crowd at the pollution investigation centers, where their turn is not coming even for eight to ten hours. Due to the queuing of vehicles, a situation of the jam was also being created. Pollution check center operators are looting and charging up to Rs 200 instead of Rs 100 fee. The public is also helpless due to a limited number of pollution investigation centers and the government system is failing to provide options or control over the pollution investigation centers

In fact, after the new Motor Vehicles Act comes into force from September 1, pollution certificate has become mandatory for all vehicles. Earlier, there was a fine of one thousand rupees for a non-pollution check certificate, which has been increased ten times to ten thousand rupees in the new Act. There was a fine of one thousand rupees earlier for lack of insurance, which has been doubled to two thousand rupees. Generally, people do not insure old two-wheelers, nor take an interest in conducting pollution tests. The concern of such people has increased now. Although the new penalty has not yet been implemented in Uttarakhand, people have started conducting insurance and pollution checks to avoid fines. The situation is that the number of vehicles is about 10 lakhs in the city and the number of centers for their pollution check is just 19. Since the number of investigation centers in the city is limited, there is a huge crowd at the centers these days.

Ramesh Singh, a resident of Harrawala, said that Mohkampur is the only pollution investigation center near his house. The situation is that on Monday, Ramesh Singh queued there at three in the morning to check the pollution of the bike. He was not alone, but a dozen people lined up before him. Ramesh said that the queue kept growing and before the center opened, around two hundred people started queuing up. The queue of vehicles led to a jam on the Haridwar highway and the police had to reach traffic control. When the center opened at six in the morning, 250 tokens were distributed. Somebody’s number came at six in the morning and some at six in the evening.

This is not the case of the Mohkampur pollution investigation centers alone, but more or less all the centers. Whether it is Panditwadi and Bindal Investigation Center or Canal Road and Majra pollution investigation centers. There were queues from morning to night at all the centers. People leave their day’s work and start queuing up and waiting for their turn to come on the basis of tokens. On Monday morning, on the complaint of queuing, ARTO administration Arvind Pandey conducted a surprise inspection of the investigation center in Panditwadi and the Guna workshop center in Bindal. The complaint was also that illegal recovery was being done in the investigation by the center operators. However, in surprise inspection, ARTO did not find any evidence related to illegal recovery.

Complaint without certification

ARTO had received a complaint that some center operators were giving the certificate of an investigation by taking a photo of the number plate of the vehicle without conducting pollution checks. A probe was also conducted on such a complaint at the center in Mohammadpur. ARTO stated that a certificate can no longer be given without conducting a pollution check. Since this machine is connected to vehicle software and the entire record is online. ARTO said that if any center operator is committing such a mess then complain to RTO.

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