Politicians’ ignorance had cost State Congress Committee a controversy

Due to mutual intimidation and factionalism, the list of state Congress Committee has been stuck. Venugopal of the National General Secretariat handed over the list to Congress national president Rahul Gandhi. Now there will be a decision on the list after the Lok Sabha elections.

According to sources, the list of State Congress Committee was ready in January. There was no advice from two big leaders on the list. With the negligence of two leaders, the list was finalized. On February 8 and 9, the state in-charge Anugrah Narayan Singh, State President Pritam Singh and Leader of the Opposition Dr. Indira Hridayesh met Venugopal of the National General Secretary of the Congress. During this meeting, the list of the State Congress Committee was handed over. It is reported that some leaders from the Delhi level have blocked the list.

The list of these provinces continued
A list of PCCs of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and another province has just been released. List of all other states has been stopped. After the Lok Sabha elections, the list of state Congress Committees will be released. Names were sought from all the leaders. PCC has been created with coordination and no one has been neglected. The responsibility of running the state Congress is of the state president.
– Anugrah Narayan Singh, state in-charge Uttarakhand Congress

The activism in Uttarakhand politics will further increase
Prakash Joshi may not have been the national secretary of the Congress, but now his activism will increase in Uttarakhand’s state. Prakash Joshi has twice won assembly elections from Congress. Both the time he had to face defeat from the Kaladungi assembly. Even if the Congressman of the state maybe happy with Prakash not being the national secretary, but it can be a problem for them only. While being in team Rahul, Joshi had the responsibility of Uttar Pradesh. According to Prakash Joshi, for six years, he worked as the National Secretary of Congress and co-in-charge of Uttar Pradesh. National President Rahul Gandhi had been requested to free him from this responsibility. There are many serious cases against the state government and they will now be picked up with aggressiveness.

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