Political parties engaged in lobbying the posts of District Panchayat President and Chief in Uttarakhand

After the results of the three-tier panchayat election were declared, political parties have joined the BJP and Congress lobbying to take over the chair of the district panchayat presidents and the area panchayat chiefs. The process of multiplication has been started, including the exercise of manipulating and bringing the rebels into their ranks.

Talking about the BJP, it has announced the names of candidates for the posts of Zilla Panchayat President in four districts, as well as a meeting for others. Panels have also been invited from the district level for candidates for the key posts of the area panchayat.

The BJP waved in every election held in the state from the 2014 Lok Sabha elections to the last Lok Sabha elections. In such a situation, now it has the challenge of covering up the small government i.e. the panchayats. Although panchayat elections are not held on a party basis, the BJP declared its supported candidates for the Zila panchayat member posts.

Now that the results have been reached, the BJP has stepped up the exercise for the chair of the district panchayat presidents and chiefs. According to party sources, in seven districts, the BJP is in a relaxed position for the post of chairperson, while in four it will have to struggle and in one district it may have to seek the help of rebels.

Sources said that there are 16 candidates who have won the election by rebelling from the party. The party is keeping an eye on them and they are being contacted. The party is following them as their own. After gaining the support of the rebels, his party may return immediately. Apart from this, contact has been started with the winning candidates who did not have the support of any party.

Some of these may be supported on the post of vice president. If sources are to be believed, a similar strategy is being decided for block chiefs, senior and junior sub-heads. However, names included in the panel created from the district level have been sought for the selection of candidates for key positions.

BJP called Doon the newly elected ZIP members

The BJP-backed candidates elected to the Zila panchayat member posts have been called to Dehradun. Winning candidates have also been invited, who were not supported by any particular party, but believe in the policies of the BJP. It was informed that the winning candidates will be honored in the program organized in the state BJP office. State President Ajay Bhatt and Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat will also be present in the program.

In Doon, Madhu Chauhan ZIP President candidate BJP has started declaring the names of candidates for the posts of Zila Panchayat President. Four names were approved in the meeting of the three-tier Panchayat Election Steering Committee, chaired by State President Bhatt. After this, State General Secretary Rajendra Bhandari announced these candidates.

These include Madhu Chauhan for Dehradun district panchayat, Sona Sajwan for Tehri, Bela Tolia from Nainital and Renu Gangwar for Udhamsinghnagar district panchayat. It was told that in the remaining eight districts, candidates for the posts of Zila Panchayat President will be announced after the meeting on Wednesday evening.

The results are encouraging

According to BJP state president Ajay Bhatt, the results of the panchayat elections are encouraging for the BJP. BJP boards are going to be formed in all 12 district panchayats. BJP’s agenda is everyone’s development and everybody’s trust. All the candidates in the state who were not supported by any particular party and whose work agenda is development, are standing with BJP.

Congress too excited, now eyeing the post of president

The results of the three-tier panchayat elections have come. Congress is also excited by these results. Congress has now asked all its district heads to provide a list of Congress-backed victorious candidates. Along with this, all the District Presidents, MLAs, and former MLAs have also been asked to coordinate on the posts of District Panchayat President and Area Panchayat President.

State Congress President Pritam Singh said that along with Congress-backed candidates in the election, independents associated with Congress ideology have also won. These equations are in favor of Congress. The Congress Panchayat results are currently being accepted in its favor.

According to Congress state president Pritam Singh, the performance of the Congress has been much better in the elections. The results have shown that the public has voted against the BJP. The independents who won are also from Congress ideology. Panchayat presidents and block-heads have now been asked to coordinate with the district presidents, MLAs, and former MLAs.

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